Jason Vedadi – Avid Golfer and World Traveler

Whether it’s focusing on his Titanium Builders and Development business, competing in an amateur golf competition or traveling to a new country, Jason Vedadi fills his life with diverse interests and hobbies.

Building a Thriving Business

Jason Vedadi is a successful businessman with vast experience in the real estate and construction arena. Since launching Titanium Builders and Development in 2006 in Spokane, Washington, he has overseen its expansion into Arizona, Montana, Idaho and North Dakota.

Titanium Builders and Development recently completed an impressive multi-plan community featuring high-quality, contemporary homes in close proximity to stores, parks and schools. Part of Titanium Builders and Development’s success comes from Jason Vedadi’s deep understating of the real estate market, which he gained when he ran his own successful mortgage company. His ability to navigate through a tough economy, build lasting relationships with clients and lead a skilled team of professional builders has contributed to Titanium Builders and Development’s success. Part of Vedadi’s knowledge of business came from lessons learned on the golf course, which is another of his passions.

Golf: A Favorite Pastime

Jason Vedadi is an avid golfer who reached the highest amateur golf level in 2006. He has loved the game of golf since childhood and enjoys competing both locally and remotely. Many of his business associates have mentored him while playing alongside him on the golf course. When he was a younger player, Vedadi and his mentors talked shop, which inspired him to become an entrepreneur and business owner. Vedadi’s love of golf doesn’t stop at the American border. In fact, he has golfed all over the world, allowing him to indulge his love of traveling.

Traveling Around the World

Jason Vedadi has traveled all over the world to golf on some of the most remote and prestigious courses. During a recent trip to Tunisia, Vedadi played golf at renowned resorts such as Yasmine Hammamet, Port El Kantaoui and Monastir, which are located on the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea. The Tunisian courses are popular with German, Italian and French golfers. It is an ideal location for wintertime golfing since it sustains a sunny and warm climate most of the year. Jason Vedadi loves combining his love of golf with his passion to travel the world. After all, there is no greater experience than practicing the sport you love while enjoying a pleasant breeze drifting in from the Mediterranean Sea.

Jason Vedadi’s many diverse interests overlap, each supporting another. He “talks business” while he golfs to learn from and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. And he enjoys his golfing hobby while pursuing his love of world travel. For a busy owner of a growing business, mixing business with pleasure has been a winning combination for Jason Vedadi.